Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 21 (Fri June 20) Summer 2008

Yesterday was a really nice day.  Relaxing, restful...ah, it was nice.

Like I had done a few days before, I got a chance to sleep a little later than usual, so I took advantage of it.  I figure those days don't come along nearly often enough so if there is an oppurtunity to sleep in a little, I jump on it!  I was not necessarily asleep the whole time, but I stayed in bed dozing & thinking & reading til NINE THIRTY!  Wow!  And surprisingly, none of my kids were standing over me begging for breakfast or telling me about an argument or anything, so I actually pulled it off successfully.  At 9:30, I got up & made cinnamon toast for everyone and then got everyone started on their chores.  Larry was at District Court jury duty, but about 1:20, he called to tell me he was headed home.  It was a civil rights case based out of his hometown between a prisoner & a cop (his career til just a few years ago).  Based on those two things, they kicked him out of the courtroom as fast as they could!

By the time Larry got home, we had just finished our lunches and were almost done with chores.  During the summer, we have a daily rest time so that all of us can take a break from each other & either nap or just have some quiet alone time to "recharge" for the rest of the day.  Of course, since I'd slept/hung out in bed so late in the morning, I wasn't really in need of a "rest" by 2:00, but I did enjoy some HGTV watching time.  (Can you say LAZY DAY?)

Last night, Larry & I were able to have a date night.  My sister kept the kids and we went to eat dinner & then to the grocery store.  It was a great night.  Very nice to hang out with my honey bunny & spend time together...even if it was at the grocery store!

I finished out the night with a "fix" of People magazine.  Ahhh....what a great day!

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