Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer: Day 39

Saturday July 9, 2011

I didn't accomplish much today. Since summer began, I've had something to do almost every single day. A place to be, an errand to run, chores that needed doing here at the house, work...something! Today I didn't have any of those things. (Well, I probably could've done chores, but I took the day off.)

Last night I learned a valuable lesson. If you drink a Dr. Pepper at 9:15pm, it will keep you awake until 3:15am. Apparently six hours is the lifespan of caffeine in my body. Sigh. I really do KNOW this, but once in a while I give it a 'test run' & find out all over again that my system is sensitive to caffeine still. I guess somewhere in the back of my brain I think I'll "outgrow" the sensitivity. ha ha!

So after being up til 3am last night, I slept until about 8:30 this morning. And I only woke up then because my phone was buzzing. I hit the button to send it to voice mail, but they didn't leave a message. And the caller ID said "RESTRICTED". Grrrrrrrrrr! I was able to doze off again, though. But not for long -- Larry got up to take Samuel to do a swimming merit badge for Scouts and of course I can't sleep if anyone else is up & around in the house. So that was that. I was up by 9:00 for the day. I guess six hours of sleep will have to do. I can function on that, but I'd like to get more if I can.

After they left, Sarah & I curled up on the couch & recliner in the living room and watched the Justin Bieber movie "Never Say Never". It's basically a documentary of his last tour. (Or is it his only tour? I really don't know.) I will admit that I only watched it because my daughter wanted me to....but it turned out good. I really didn't know Justin's "story". He's really living somewhat of a 'rags to riches' sort of life -- very interesting. While I may have not watched & immediately caught Bieber Fever, I do have a better grasp on why the girls all love him now. He's a clean cut, sweet kid with teeny-bopper music. I couldn't help but remember my own fascination with Garth Brooks when I was that age.

After watching the movie, I should've gotten up & got busy on some chores, but I didn't. We had lunch (it was nearly 1pm by then) and hung out. I read quite a few chapters from an awesome book I'm reading this afternoon. It's one I got from Book Sneeze (see button in my sidebar) a few weeks ago. I just got started on it a couple days ago &'s really good! I'll be blogging my review soon. I suspect it won't take but another day or two for me to finish this one! If you want to go take a peek at what Amazon has to say about it, click HERE.

Tonight I'm hitting the bed a bit early to make up for last night. Sleep well, friends!

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