Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer: Day 43

Today I earned a Mother of the Year award.

My children and I are white. And when I say white, I don't just mean we're caucasian. We're reallyyyyy white.

White like Liquid Paper.

White like rice.

White like cotton balls.

White like snowflakes.

White like polar bears.

I recently posted on Facebook that my "translucent fair" make up was too dark for my face.My sweet children got a LITTLE bit of their daddy's slightly darker skin tone, but still. We are very pale, white folks. Today we went to my sister's house to swim. My sister & I decided to stay indoors & talk while the kids swam. For a couple hours.

I forgot the sunscreen. You know, for the kids who usually wear SPF 600.

Tonight I've applied about a gallon of refrigerated aloe vera to some very lobster-ish shoulders, cheeks, noses, arms.

Oh yes, I'll be stepping on stage to do my acceptance speech shortly.


Rachel said...

I used to burn so bad I'd blister when I was a kid I hated it! Cold Aloe is the best thing ever! They'll remind you about the sunscreen next time I betcha!!

Darcy said...

OH NO!!!!

You can also put them in the shower and pour vinegar over their burns, it takes the sting out of being sun burned.