Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer: Day 56

Somehow I mistakenly hit "enter" when I finished typing the title of this blog & it posted! Oops! So...if you got an email with a blank post, my apologies. Let me try this again!

Tuesday July 26

Today was a preschool day. Samuel & Sarah joined me today because Savannah is at youth camp. My class began the final summer session. (There are 3 sessions, each one four weeks long.) While I'm having a lot of fun with the kids this summer, starting this session reminded me that it's almost time to go back to work/school. I have to go back to work for teacher inservice the week of August 15th, which means I'll miss the final week of this session at the preschool. So I only have 3 weeks left! Yikes! How did that happen?? That means summer is nearly over! oh my!

After work today, I made a quick trip to Target for 2 things. For any of you local folks who need a zippered binder for your kids' school supplies, go to Target right now! They are $8 (way cheaper than everyone else) and there were only a handful of them left! They're selling quick! I got milk, too. (I really love Target's milk!) But before I left, I grabbed some CDs to save some stuff on the computer to. We are so bad about not backing up pictures & such....and then every time we have the tiniest glitch, I panic & stress over whether or not we'll lose everything. I have a couple flash drives, but they're not big enough to hold everything. Tomorrow I will start the project of moving things to the CDs.

Quick, cheap, easy recipe I made tonight:
Brown a pound of ground meat. Stir into it a package of onion soup mix, a little water and a can of cream of mushroom soup (or any other cream of... soup you have on hand). Cook some rice or noodles. Put a scoop of rice/noodles on a plate & top w/ the meat mixture. Add a veggie or two & you've got dinner. Yummy!

That's about it for us today. Tomorrow will be a fun one. I'll share about that tomorrow night!

Note: This morning at the crack of dawn, my brother in law, Robert, had a spinal fusion surgery (neck) and carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists/hands. He is doing well tonight, but I'd love it if you'd remember him in your prayers as he recovers. My sister will be taking care of him, and their 5 children who are still at home. (The older 2 are already married & moved out.)

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