Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer: days 36-37

Wednesday July 6
Yesterday morning, we had a full schedule! At 9:25, Samuel had his annual eye doctor appointment. Good news---his eyes are healthy and his vision is 20/20! Hooray!

After his appointment, we had a short span of time before the next appointment, so we made a quick trip to CiCi's Pizza for lunch. The kids love that place. They do have good pizza, but they have some pretty weird pizzas sometimes! Really? Macaroni & Cheese pizza? Who eats that??

After lunch, we went to the orthodontist for Savannah's appointment. Her LAST orthodontist appointment! She had her braces removed (see yesterday's post for pictures). She got her retainers as well. He told her to wear them 24/7 for the first three months, then go to wearing them just at night for the rest of her life. (or you know...until she breaks or loses them like most of us ex-orthodontic patients) Hopefully she will keep up with them for a long, long time!

We ran a couple of other errands & then came home for the day.

Thursday July 7
Today I went to work at the preschool. My pre-k class and the school aged class went to a place in town with a bunch of inflatable play structures. The kids all had to bring/wear socks to climb on the play equipment, so I took some too. I figured somewhere along the way, I'd either have to climb up to save someone who got stuck & scared....or the kids would convince me to climb up & slide down with them. Fortunately, I only had one instance of a kiddo getting nervous & needing help, but he figured out how to get down before I ever got to him. I ended up at the top of the slides many, many times though. It was fun! (click the picture to blow it up....that's me 2nd from the left)

While the younger two kids & I went to school & played, Savannah babysat. The mom of those sweet girlies texted me this picture mid-day. She took them to lunch before she left for the afternoon. How sweet are these babies?! (including the cute braces-free one in the middle!)

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