Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer: Day 61

Sunday July 31

This morning we went to church as usual. This afternoon we took a nap as usual. Tonight I made chicken spaghetti & garlic bread and we enjoyed a yummy meal together.

Nothing real out of the ordinary today, I guess.

But ya know what? Even with all the "ordinary", I was so very honored to be able to bless someone else today, the way God has blessed us lately. It feels so good to be on this side of that! We're not rolling in the dough by any means at all & probably never will, but it's nice to be able to "breathe" a little & offer some help once in a while.

Thank you, Jesus.

For any of you who were wondering---I've decided to keep the blog public. For the time being anyway. Without going into any details, I considered taking the blog private for several reasons. But what ultimately made me decide against it was the idea that someone might google something like "money problems" or "family member adoption" or "disruption of adoption" or "RAD" or "faith" or "crazy woman who blogs a lot" or whatever & find my blog. And maybe it will help them through a hard time. Maybe someone will form a relationship with God because of a blog post. While it's not my goal to post about things just to be found on google one day, it *is* my goal to bring God the glory for every single second, every breath, every moment of my life. And if doing that helps someone else, then that's fabulous!

So, for those of you who emailed me or inboxed me on Facebook or called to tell me "I want to keep reading, send me an invitation!", thank you! Thank you for being here & being a part of my life in the blogosphere. Thank you for praising God with me in the good times, and for lifting my family up in prayers during the hard times. Thank you for being friends & for caring about what's going on in my little corner of the world, even when it's not all that exciting.


JennahRose said...

I LOVE you, Liz Reeves! ;).

Rachel said...

Really glad you're not going anywhere! I forget how I came to find your blog but its been a while and a blessing!