Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

NOTE: I have NO IDEA why the font is all messed up on this post. I've edited & changed it 2-3x now & it's still showing up weird. Sorry.
1. What color are your toenails painted?
Bright pink. My toenails are the wildest part of my body, usually. They get the BRIGHT crazy colors. :)

2. What color are your fingernails painted?

They are naked. I rarely paint my nails. And I've begun biting again....started again in late May. I know, I know......

3. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?

I don't have a favorite.

4. As the norm, do you DIY your nails or get mani/pedis?

I get a pedi about once a year with my husband for our anniversary. (We both get a pedicure!) Aside from that, I do it myself the rest of the time.

5. Have you ever had a gel mani? Do you recommend it?

I've never had a manicure of any type.

6. What is the last movie you watched on television? (TV, Netflix, Redbox, etc.)

Can't remember. Haven't watched a movie lately, I guess.

7. What is the last movie you watched in the cinema?

Sarah & I went to the theater a few months ago to see Hop.
8. Is there a movie that everyone talks about as if it is a classic but you haven’t seen?
Gone with the Wind, The Sound of Music, lots of others...

9. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

Grease, Forest Gump, Top Gun, Cocktail, Titanic, there are many!!!

10. Have you ever seen a movie and thought it was better than the book it was based on?

I don't usually do both ---read the book and watch the movie. I hear too many people say that one was better than the other, so rather than have to compare the two, I just do one or the other. Although I must admit that when The Help comes out in theaters, I will see it! I read the book a few months ago.

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Rachel said...

Oh my goodness you have never seen The Sound Of Music? I think you should go and rent it straight away :) You would probably laugh and realize where a bunch of songs you already know came from if you saw it! Like Doe a Deer a Female Deer...
And These are a few of my favorite things..they are both from that movie.