Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer: Day 44

Thursday July 14

Today was long & trying. Due to privacy for my family member, I won't explain in great detail, but one of my family was in the hospital all day long today. Fortunately, we all came home tonight. And we're all okay. But for a fleeting moment today in the ER waiting room, I allowed my mind to "go there". You know....the moments when you question all the "what if" things. What if we lost him/her? What if I have to plan a funeral? How would I go on? Thankfully, those thoughts didn't stick around long because I had to suck it up & smile and be there when the patient was brought in by ambulance.

Tonight I am thankful. Tonight I am praising God for another reminder that I am not in control. Tonight I'm thanking Him for taking care of my family today. For our health, for our home, for rest & peace of mind.

Go hug your family & say a prayer for them tonight. You just never know what tomorrow might bring.

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Rachel said...

I am really glad everyone is OK!