Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer: Day 57

Wednesday July 27

When Samuel was in 2nd grade (2007-08), a little boy moved to town from out of state. The teacher assigned Samuel to be his 'buddy', show him around, introduce him to the other kids, play with him at recess...that sort of thing. Little did we know at the time, but Brady would become one of Samuel's best friends!

Throughout that year, Brady's mom & I became friends. They are such a sweet family! Just like our own, they have 2 girls with a boy sandwiched in the middle. Like our family, their church & faith is very important to them. I think Sam & Brady relished the "only boy" attention they got when they went to either his or our house. They were able to talk about burps & farts & armpits & butts and watch movies together that none of the rest of us wanted to see. Truly, they were a match made in heaven as far as little boy friendships go.

By the end of that first school year, Brady's mom was talking about the possibility of getting a job with the school the following year. Sure enough, shortly before school was out, she found out that she'd be working at one of the district's elementary schools! Brady would have to switch campuses to be where his mom worked. The boys were so sad. We promised not to lose touch. They'd still be in town, just on a different campus.

The sadness of his campus change didn't last long. Unfortunately it was replaced with a different kind of sadness. Brady's mom was diagnosed with cancer that summer. Realizing that she would miss a lot of work that year, she turned down the teaching position & began cancer treatment. At "meet the teacher night", we found out that she had pulled some strings & asked for Brady to be placed in the same classroom with Samuel. She knew Brady might need a good friend that year.

That year was a hard one for their family, but Brady's mom came through all her treatments with flying colors! By midway through the year, she was done with all her surgeries and treatments and was looking for a job with the school again! (I'm telling you....she's a warrior! I just love her!!!) She got a job at the campus the boys were attending school & was later offered a job for the following Fall! The boys would be in 4th grade, right down the hall from her classroom.

As summer turned to Fall (2009), she hinted to me that there was a chance they might be moving back to the state they had moved here from---to the same town where they had been before. On the upside, they had a house there that had not yet sold and they would be able to move back into it! But the sad part was that it meant moving halfway across the country, away from us! She started school that Fall, but just a few weeks into the year, they packed their home & moved.

We were able to keep in touch via Facebook after their move. We watched their weather patterns (so very different from our East Texas weather) and enjoyed videos of the kids taking part in all their extracurricular activities. Last summer, we were able to get together one day when they came to Texas to see family. It was just for a couple of hours, but it was a treat for the boys. (and the moms!) We talked about doing the same when they planned to visit Texas at Christmas, but the deep snow where they live prevented them from traveling.

As Spring emerged, we decided that we'd get together during their summer trip to Texas (to see their family here). But then things changed. A month or so ago, Brady's mom confided that they were MAYBE going to be moving back to Texas! This summer! And then it happened! Earlier this month, the moving trucks arrived to pack up all their things & bring them back across the South to the great state of Texas. While they won't live in our town this time, they are in the state, just a few hours away! And today, we got to see them!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't tell Samuel that Brady was coming to visit. I wrote it on our weekly menu last weekend when I wrote it out & put it on the door of the fridge & just waited to see how long it would take him to find it. He finally saw it a few days ago. I've been able to use it as a "clean your room!" tool ever since. You know, "if you don't get this mess cleaned up, I'm going to have to call Brady's mom & tell her Brady can't come visit". (Hey, I'm shameless...I'll use whatever I can to get that filthy clutter pit clean!) Today, I didn't even make it to the front door after Samuel announced "They're here!" before he was out in the yard screaming "Brady!!!!!!!!" & hugging his friend. I love these guys!!! Enjoy my little trip down memory lane.

Samuel's birthday sleepover 2008

Spring 2009

Summer 2009

Fall 2009

Summer 2010

I hope there are many more years worth of pictures of these sweet boys together!

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