Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer: Days 49 & 50

Sorry I didn't post last night. I had a weird flukey virus-looking issue with the computer. I think I caught it quickly though & stopped it before it did any damage. Immediately ran Malware Bytes & the virus scanner. MB caught 2 malicious items & removed them. AVG didn't see anything afterward. Re-ran them both this morning & didn't find anything new, so I'm crossing my fingers that it's really gone! I hate computer stress!

Tuesday I worked at the preschool. It was a crazy day, but a fun one. Tomorrow should be exciting! We're having our "Ugly Bug Contest" where the kids bring in a bug (dead or alive) in a container & we all look at them & vote on whose is the ugliest. The kids think they're just getting to look at bugs & win M&M's. They don't even realize that they're learning! Magnifying glasses come out....observations are made....discussions about the number of legs, which ones have antennae, body segments & more. The joy of teaching preschoolers!

Today was a little rough.

I know I've talked about our financial struggles before, so that's no great news to anyone. Today it hit me hard. I'm not usually the worrier of our family, so I'm not sure why it bugged me so much more today than it usually does. I was looking at our checkbook, looking at the bank website, getting my panties in a wad, kicking myself for spending money on things like school clothes & food & if I had a choice on any of that. For about an hour, I had a nice little pity party & panicked. I asked my friends on Facebook (the quickest way for me to get in touch with a ton of people all at once!) to shower me with Scriptures about trusting God. I was so honored to have so many of them send me verses that have helped them over the years. I had tears running down my cheeks pretty quickly. Hello perspective shift! And then I was reminded of something Sheila Walsh spoke about earlier this month when she was in town. It was something like this.... "No matter how difficult, dark & hard a place God asks you to walk, He is walking with you!" It's one of those things I really KNOW, but for some reason today, Satan got the best of me & shoved me off the proverbial deep end. I wallowed in my thoughts of how we're going to make it the last 11 days of this month....and then I got up & brushed off my worries & moved on. Nothing's changed. The numbers in the checkbook register are still the same, but I know that somehow He will work it out. He always does. He's never let us do without and He won't know.

Before & after the pity party, I ran a thousand errands & took Savannah to the doctor. (No worries--she's not sick. It was her anxiety doc appointment.)

Tomorrow is a new day! Time for me to crawl into a bubble bath & pray away some of the day's worries and pray for all my friends. Goodnight.

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Rachel said...

I am glad you were able to use Facebook to find some comfort it is nice to see fb being used for good!!