Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer: Day 55

Monday July 25

Yes, I realize that I'm skipping days 51-54, but to be honest, I just don't have it in me tonight to try to remember & re-cap all those days. Rest assured, we all lived through them & it was H-O-T around here.

How hot is it? Well, let's just say that today makes the 30-something-th day over 100 degrees. And the heat index each day is about 400 degrees hotter than that. Yep, it's HOT. We're staying inside most of the time because of it!

Last night, Savannah left for camp. More about that when she gets home! That left Sarah, Samuel & I to hang out together today. Since I am trying to stick to a workout schedule during the summer, I went to the YMCA today & impressed myself when I walked longer/faster/higher incline that usual. Go ME! :) I've gotten into a practice of turning the treadmill on at about 2.8 mph. I warm up at that speed for about 5 min & then at crank up the speed to 3.0 mph. About 2 1/2 min later, I turn up the incline to the 1st setting above 'flat as the sidewalk'. After another 5 min, I crank up the speed again. After about 2.5 min, I turn up the incline another 'notch'. I rotate back & forth on upping the speed/incline like that til about the 20 minute mark, then I slow it back down & lower the incline. Somewhere around the 25 min mark today, I realized that I hadn't slowed it down or lowered it yet. I was busy reading a book & lost track of time, I guess. I'll go back & do it again Wednesday.

Aside from my trip to the YMCA, we stayed home pretty much all day doing a few chores, playing some games, watching TV....all the usual stuff for the days we're stuck inside because of the extreme heat.

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Rachel said...

I guess what we New Englanders have been calling a heat wave would be a regular chill for you Texans! I hope it cools off for you soon! It has been hot here but not that hot!