Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer: Day 45-46

Friday July 15
Samuel went on the trip I referred to in THIS post. He got home about 1am. I'm still thrilled & thankful for whoever made it possible. He had a blast. He iceskated, he drank a MONSTER (which we never allow him to drink at home!), he played whirlyball, he went to a minor league baseball game, he hung out with friends all day.

While he was gone, Savannah babysat twice and Sarah & I went to the grocery store.

Saturday July 16
Since I was up so late last night, we slept late this morning. We went to visit my dad this morning since he had surgery on Tuesday. He's doing great! Still sore, but he's up & around & doing things on his own. Afterward, we had burgers that threatened to kill me. (Remember...IBS sufferer...greasy burgers. Yeah, lovely, huh?) We went to a local sporting goods store to return a backpack we got earlier this week and then to a little discount store to buy a new backpack.

Wild & crazy days over here. ha ha! But I am loving the days we have a slower pace! This summer is very quickly speeding by!

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The Lowry Place said...

That's awesome! Glad he had a great time.