Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer: Day 48

Monday July 18

This morning we made the long drive back to the dentist for Savannah to get her teeth cleaned. Last month I made the 40 minute trip to our out of town dentist to get Samuel, Sarah & my teeth cleaned, but I goofed on the time of the appointment & arrived too late. They could only take 2 patients, so I let the kids go back. We had to wait until this month for Savannah's cleaning because she was having her braces removed & they said it would be best to wait until after she had them off to clean her teeth. So today we made the trip again & had her teeth cleaned. I had to skip getting mine done this time because there were no cancellations near her appointment time and it's just too long of a trip to go back & forth over and over. I'll get mine done in December when we ALL go back.

After our trip to the dentist, we stopped at Office Max to pick up a handful of brad/pocket folders for the kids' school supplies. (Sigh....hard to believe it's time to start buying those again!) They are on sale this week. While we were there, we tested out a bunch of the desks & office chairs. The kids repeatedly sat in one chair after another saying "Mom! Try this one. It's soooo comfortable!!!" I found one I'd love to have, but I'll have to wait until I sell my house and my firstborn to buy it. ha ha! Until then, my garage sale wooden dinner table chair will do just fine!

On the way home, I realized it was nearing lunchtime, so I made a stop at the 50 cent coke machine in town. (Note: In Texas, every machine that dispenses soda of any variety is a coke machine!) It's rare to find a coke machine that dispenses only canned soda these days....and it's more rare to find one that still sells them for 50 cents! We know about this one because we used to live in a little rent house next door to the business where it's located. I stopped at the machine & watched my children swarm it like bees to honey. They know, when I pull onto the street where our old house was, that I'm either going to the bank or this coke machine. So when I passed the bank driveway, they all cheered. It's like I was making a stop at Disneyland. I'm so glad that they are still so easily pleased.

After coming home & eating lunch, I texted Larry "YMCA or a nap?". I sort of secretly hoped that he'd say nap, but I never heard back from him. After a few minutes of trying to work up my stamina to go work out, I just decided to go for it. If I layed down to take a nap, I'd certainly enjoy it, but I'd regret not going to the gym later & wish I had done what I knew I should. So before I could change my mind, I threw on my workout clothes & went! I'm so glad I did, too! It's not perfect. I don't work out 5 days a week for an hour each time. And I certainly don't have a gym body (or even anything close!) yet. But I'm trying. And I know every little bit of effort helps.

I came home to shower, check my emails and then hang out with the kids the rest of the day. A few episodes of Good Luck Charlie, Spongebob and Brain Drain later, I'm a well rested woman. Bring it on, Tuesday!


The Lowry Place said...

That's funny how we call everything coke. I've been training myself to say soda.

How far is the dentist that you visit?

Rachel said...

I use an old wooden diner chair as a desk chair too! I would love a nice cushioned desk chair but I don't have any children to sell! Usually there are some cheap ones on Craigslist though but at this time I have no way to pick one up! I love that you can get soda for fifty cents that is cool!